Road Runner Rewards

Sign up for the Road Runner Rewards Program to get 5% back on the total cost of parts and labor* when you choose Regional Truck and Trailer’s Service Department.

How it Works

  • Customers with up to 15 vehicles in their fleet can participate in the program
  • Any make or model of medium to heavy-duty commercial vehicle is eligible
  • Once you’ve signed up, you’ll start earning 5% cashback on service work, in the form of Coyote Cash*
  • Coyote Cash can be used on future parts or service purchases at any of our 3 locations


*Coyote Cash is worth 5% of the subtotal on eligible purchases. Eligible purchase includes any service work completed at a Regional Truck and Trailer location at a non-discounted rate and related parts. It can be redeemed on a future purchase and is not to be used on the invoice it was earned. Coyote Cash vouchers can be combined on a single purchase; however, it cannot be combined with other offers unless otherwise stated. Coyote Cash is not awarded on Coyote Cash payments. Company account with Regional Truck and Trailer must be in good standing to be eligible for Road Runner Rewards.

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