OnCommand Connection


OnCommand Connection amplifies the power of vehicle data, providing comprehensive visibility to the health of your trucks so you’re better informed and able to determine the best course of action when a fault code is triggered: pull a truck or keep it on the road while scheduling preventative maintenance.

OnCommand Connection is a free service and works with all makes and models in your fleet.

With OnCommand Connection your fleet benefits from:

  • 30% reduction in unplanned maintenance costs
  • Improved driver experience and retention
  • Proactive vs reactive maintenance

How it Works

OnCommand Connection communicates through the Telematics device in your vehicle, pulling data into easy to read dashboards and providing fleet managers with actionable insights. Don’t have a Telematics device on your truck? We can help. Regional Truck and Trailer is a GeoTab reseller.

Does Your Truck Have a Fault or a Problem?

On average, a truck's engine light will turn on at least once a year, with a minimum cost of $200 just to find out why. That doesn't include the cost of downtime. With OnCommand Connection, you see the fault codes and can drill down to an action plan that can save you time and money.

OnCommand Connection Overview Webinar

Reducing maintenance costs and increasing uptime are top priorities no matter the size of your fleet. Find out how OnCommand Connection, a free service, can help keep your trucks on the road with less unplanned downtime. This webinar includes a live demo of the tool and the detailed, actionable data, you can have available at your fingertips.

OnCommand Connection Advanced Webinar

This overview of OnCommand Connection offers a closer look at dashboards, reports and detailed vehicle information that will streamline your approach to fleet management. Leveraging OnCommand Connection to its fullest will help reduce maintenance costs, increase uptime, and decrease the time you spend identifying and resolving issues.
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