International 360

Transforming Fleet Management

International 360 (i360) is a revolutionary service communications and fleet ownership tool designed to increase Uptime, reduce Total Cost of Ownership, and provide seamless and clear visibility to your service and repair events.
International 360 Offers:
  • Seamless communications with dealers and up-to-date repair status
  • Complete VIN-based information
  • Asset specs, complete parts catalog, remote health data, and more
  • Online service request initiation and estimate approvals
  • Complete service history, up-to-date campaign information, and engine calibration status
  • All makes, all models, no surcharges: International 360 supports all makes and models, with NO monthly or annual per-VIN fees.
  • Telematics integrations: Location, health data, and more powered by OnCommand® Connection and integrated with 24+ telematics service providers.
  • Your data, your way: Fully compatible with existing systems, including fleet maintenance providers, fleet management companies, and more via simple application programming interfaces (API’s)
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