Regional’s Diesel Tech Wins Awards

Jeremy "Bo" Colf claims Spot in Top 3

Receives the Jeremy Ayers Award

Jeremy Bo Colf

Regional is proud to employ one of the best diesel techs in the region.  Jeremy “Bo” Colf competed in the TANY SuperTech competition recently and took overall third place!
The competition spans 2 days and tests the competitiors on 10 technical tasks and a written test. Bo competes every year and always places in the top 3.

Recipient of the Jeremy Ayers Award
The SuperTech Committee created the Jeremy Ayres Award to honor a single SuperTech competitor who embodies the characteristics of the award’s namesake. This year, the committee chose Bo Colf as the recipient, which was determined based on his display of strong character, perseverance, commitment, integrity, positive attitude, and willingness to learn.

Bo’s Top Performance Categories…
Brakes:  #1
Tires: #1
Coolant & DEF: #3
Annual Inspection Procedures: #4
Written Exam: #4

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