Last Updated: 02/05/2023 3:33 AM PST

Make & Model

Detailed Specifications

Dump Trailers
Aluminum Dump Trailers
3/16" Aluminum Full Wrap Around or Slopenose Design
3/16" 5454 Aluminum
Smooth Style Gate or Standard Vertical Bracing Available
9" Heavy Duty Interlocking
8" Wide, One Piece Extrusion w/ 5" Inside Cleanout
U-shaped Extrusion Spaced 12" Apart; Reinforced Doghouse Area and Suspension Area
Trucklite Weatherproof Harnessing w/ Lifetime warranty on L.E.D. System
12" Extruded Vertical Panels Interlocked Together
Inner Sidesheet in 3/16" or 1/4" Material
Trucklite Marker Lights available in Panel or Bottom Rail
Polished or Milled


Trailstar Frameless dump trailers are the best in the industry. We offer the lightest equipment available without sacrificing the integrity you have come to depend on. Lighter weight increases your payload which allows our customers to be more profitable. With our custom-built trailers we provide you the most dependable equipment to get the job done.